Top  Tips for Awesome Wedding Photos
July 12 , 2016 wedding

Top Tips for Awesome Wedding Photos

Timing now I’m sure as your well into planning your wedding you’re aware that it takes enormous amounts of organisation to plan a wedding, so make sure your timings are accurate. I’ve been to a few weddings where things haven’t gone to plan, so sacrifices have to made on the day, which is far from ideal. Take into account the time of the day, if you want that awesome golden glow to your photos you’ll need to have them taken around 2 hours before sunset up to the sun setting so plan this into your day. I can provide help with this when it comes to timings for photos and is something we will cover in your initial consultation. Pass your schedule on to your photographer so they know what’s happening and when, this will mean they’ll be available when they’re needed. Also, keep your photographer up to date if anything isn’t running to plan or you change your plans last minute.

Be yourself, again something so simple will make a major difference. This ties in with the first point, you need to be able to relax and be yourself around the photographer which will help them capture relaxed, natural photographs of your Kent wedding.

Group Shots, I know I’ve covered this before in my FAQ blog post, but again it comes down to planning. For group shots allow 3 minutes for one group photos, this gives enough time for the photographer to arrange the people and take a picture (when everyone is looking at the camera!) Also note, your guests will get bored during these group photos and will wander off, go to the reception etc, so plan who will be in them and where they’ll be taken. Again, this will be covered in your initial consultation with me. Another tip is to assign someone (preferable with a loud voice) to help arrange the photographs, this will speed things up on the day

Have fun! Just have an awesome day. If you’re enjoying yourself then this will show in your photos!


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