What does your Kent wedding photographer do after your wedding?
August 07 , 2017 wedding

What does your Kent wedding photographer do after your wedding?

Well I can’t speak for all, but this is what happens when you book me as your Kent Wedding Photographer.

So, I’ve just done normally at least ten hours covering your Kent wedding day (plus travel) so when I get back, I’m normally really tired.  However, I’ll make sure your photographs are safe before I even think about retiring for the night. All of my cameras record each image to two separate memory cards, so I’ll already have two separate copies. I’ll then put one set somewhere safe, and transfer the other ones to the computer. Which will then automatically copy onto another backup hard drive.

The following morning (after some well earned rest) I’ll go through the images and delete the obvious out takes such as people closing their eyes on the shot, people eating, shots that add no value to your wedding photographs. I’ll take out the shots that I took multiple versions of to ensure that I got that certain shot.  I’ll then edit one or two and post over on my Facebook page as a sneak preview. My facebook page is here.

After this, I tend to leave them for two of three days. So when I go back through them I’ll look at them with a fresh pair of eyes. I’ll then start working my way through them, cropping, straightening and adding a bit of colour adjustment that will help make the images pop. This process can take up a huge amount of time that is normally spread out over a number of days. After getting to the stage where they’re ‘complete’ I’ll leave them for another two or three days and then go through them to double check everything is good! If not, I’ll fix and repeat the process all over again.  My editing style is to keep the images looking realistic but add a bit of something extra to them, I’m not into massive dramatic skies, overly processed looking shots or slanted angles.

Kent wedding photographer
The left is straight out of the camera, the right is the ‘finished’ version

When I’m finally happy with your images, I’ll export them from my editing suite, double check them (again!) and then upload to your online, password protected gallery from where you can download your images from.

kent wedding gallery
An example of your online gallery. You can share, favourite and download all of our images.

The editing part of the process is just as important as taking the photographs in the first place so I take my time to make sure each image is up to my standard. You will receive every image that is worth having, I hold nothing back when it comes to image delivery.

Please CONTACT ME if you would like to discuss your Kent wedding in more detail.

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