Five reasons why I love being a Kent wedding photographer
May 30 , 2018 my-story

Five reasons why I love being a Kent wedding photographer


I love meeting new people. I’m not just talking about bride and grooms. I’m talking about the people at your wedding. I’m not one to stand on the fringe of your wedding day and shoot with zoom lens. I’ll be in amongst your guests, chatting and capturing those memories you’ll look back on.


Well these first two were pretty obvious weren’t they? After all wedding photography is the combination of people and photography. I first picked up a camera in 2006 and it hasn’t really left my hand since. It’s been a journey that’s taken me to many special places and captured so many special moments. Both on a personal level and as a Kent wedding photographer.

Not being tied down to a 9-5

Now sometimes this comes at a disadvantage, sometimes I’l edit into the early hours of the morning, go to bed thinking about the next wedding. But 95% of the time this works really well for me. I can work around being there for my children, and achieve a work life balance that is better than I’d ever had in employment.

Delivering the final gallery of images

I love the day when I get to deliver the final images to the bride and groom. All the planning, the venue visits, the meetings, hoping for the right weather all comes down to this moment. Delivered in a stunning online gallery the bride and groom (and family members) can log on and view/download all of the delivered wedding images. It’s also really great when you receive the email saying that they loved their photographs. This is one of the highs I get in my job as a Kent wedding photographer.

Seeing all the little details on the wedding day

So by the time I get to a wedding day, I’ve usually met the bride and groom at least once or twice and gone through their wedding plans with them. But the day always throws up surprises and different themes that really personalise each wedding.

Being creative

I love being able to create something different, I often have a vision in mind of what I want a standout shot to look like before I take it. Sometimes it takes a bit of planning beforehand and sometimes it’s just a “quick lets go and try this” with the bride and groom. Even if it sometimes means getting a bit wet, cold, or a bit of a trek. The following shot was about 7PM on a  freezing (literally!) November evening.


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