Ditch the USB!
August 13 , 2017 wedding

Ditch the USB!

So, after much thought. I’ve decided to move my delivery over to online galleries instead of the outgoing USB. With companies ditching USB ports on mobile devices, having an online gallery allows you to show the world your wedding photos without fussing around with the USB stick.

An example of your wedding gallery

Your gallery is password protected and has the following benefits:

  • You’ll receive your wedding photos sooner, as you won’t have to wait for the postman to deliver the USB.
  • You can share by emailing the link and password to all your friends and family or share individual photos.
  • You can order prints directly from the gallery, delivered straight to your door.
  • You can view on all devices so it’s easier to show your friends and family.
  • You can download your whole wedding gallery to your computer (just like you would with a USB stick)


I’ll still honour those who have already booked with a USB stick but they’ll also receive an online gallery as above.

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